Monday, August 29, 2011

All moved in!

Well it's offical, we're all moved in to our own place. It's small but definitely a perfect size for just the two of us, and we're loving being on our own and starting our life together. We have about 3 weeks until school starts to relax, and for Jake to find a job before the business of life kicks in. For the past 4 days we've been furniture shopping and organizing the whole place so I finally took some pictures of our finished product. Our new home (:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lake Mowich

About a week ago Jake and I attempted to go up to Lake Mowich...little did we know that they now charge a dang fee to go up there. So we pretty much drove 30ish miles each way to sit and eat for 10 min...haha. There was surprisingly a lot of snow up there still since this summer hasn't been very warm until now. I will admit it was very pretty up there, aside from all of the bees that kept attacking me :( Jake made friends with a bird up there who kept landing on his hand in exchange for some chips. Here's the pictures from our little adventure (:
The hill where the sasquatch is "supposedly" living

Pretty mountains in the distance that you can actually see a skier on

Our little bird friend (:

This would have been a cool shot if the bird wouldn't have flown away /: