Monday, September 29, 2014

Jake's Birthday weekend!

This past Sunday was Jake's 25th birthday. Since it fell on a Sunday this year we decided to celebrate on Friday and Saturday instead. So on Friday after I picked him up from work I took him to his favorite restaurant in town, Mandarin Chinese. Of course he was pumped. Then we just spent the rest of the night relaxing and home and watching the shark tank premiere. Saturday night I took him to Outback for dinner and surprised him by inviting our friends Bethany and Shawn to show up without him knowing. He was definitely surprised even though he wouldn't completely admit it! (Pretty typical of my husband). We had a lot of fun at dinner then did a little shopping at target afterwards. Then on his actual birthday yesterday I made him a nice breakfast, and we went to church. After church there was a ward dinner with Hawaiian haystacks, yum! Definitely back on my diet today after all that delicious food this weekend. Hope you had a good birthday weekend Jake! Love you!

Monday, September 15, 2014

First day of school!

Today was Jake's last first day of Fall semester since he will be graduating this coming April. So of course I had to snap a picture of him on his way out the door this morning. It really still hasn't hit me yet that I'm done with school and that I don't have classes anymore….I still can't believe that we're down to our last two semesters here in Rexburg and we'll soon be moving!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Quick Trip

This past week we made a trip to Seattle to visit family. It was Reese's first time on a plane so I was super nervous at how well (or not so well) he would do, but to our surprise he did great! He slept the entire time both ways which was awesome! We definitely won't hesitate about taking him on a plane again in the future. 

I had an open house baby shower at my mom's house on Saturday which was a lot of fun seeing everyone get to meet Reese for the first time. Then on Sunday Reese was blessed in church, which was really special. We were also able to celebrate my 24th birthday while we were there by going to the Puyallup Fair which we haven't been to in 3 years! (And pretty much ate our way through it...but that's what you're supposed to do at a fair right?!) 

It was a great trip, but definitely too short...looking forward to Christmas time when we can stay longer. For now we're back home and getting ready for Jake to start his second to last semester next Monday. So excited that he's so close to finally graduating!

Here are some pictures from our little trip