Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Graduation & Real Life

Well most of you know that Jake graduated a few weeks ago with his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Technology. It's amazing how fast those four years went by. When we first got married it seemed so far away, and now here we are. It's been a new adjustment without school being a part of our lives at all and having him home everyday since he works remotely. For those who don't know Jake works as a Senior IOS Developer for a company called Apprio Inc. They're located in Washington DC but have allowed him to work remotely from home instead. It's an amazing opportunity for us and we feel so blessed.

We are staying in Rexburg (I know crazy right?). Our main purpose for staying here is because we have a goal in 13 months to buy a house and put 20% down. Staying here where it is so cheap to live will allow us to easily do that. We feel very fortunate to be able to have the option to stay here to work towards that goal. Our other reason for staying here in Rexburg is that we just don't know where we want to move yet! I always thought it would be easy to decide because it would be wherever Jake got the best job. But low and behold he scored the best job where he can work anywhere so it really has made the decision so much more difficult! Right now we've narrowed it down to the south end of the Seattle area (Puyallup most likely), or the Salt Lake area (Draper, South Jordan, or Lehi). We're still very much undecided, but are relying on prayer to get an answer of which area is best to raise our family.

I feel very lucky that I have such a hard working husband who makes enough money with his job so that we are more than comfortable and I'm able to stay home and just focus on being a mom. I can't imagine doing any other job. It's the toughest and most rewarding job in the world.

For now we're just enjoying our time in Rexburg, and looking forward to this next year as we work towards our goal and narrow down where we will end up. We head off to Jamaica in just two short weeks to celebrate our 4th anniversary a little early and we are so excited to go!