Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Big Move

January flew by and was super hectic this year because we finally moved! We weren't planning on moving at all, we were going to stay in our small two bedroom apartment for another year just because the rent was so cheap, we loved the management, and just planned on saving up our money. We've been wanting a bigger place for a while just because the additional space would be nice, but we were content in the apartment. That was until we found this town home listed on craigslist for a screaming deal and would only cost us a little bit more money every month. We had to take it! So we packed everything up and made the big move. Jake is in school and working so most of the moving fell on my shoulders, but we made it work! We love our new place so much, and it already feels like home. Here's some pictures of it (couldn't get a picture of Reese's room because he was napping :))

The front of the house. We share a porch with our next door neighbors.

Living room. We love how many windows/light there is in this room!

Entry way/front of the living room

Kitchen (aka my favorite part of the house)

Dining area

Stairs leading to the second story

Our bedroom

Master closet

Upstairs bathroom with two doors connecting to the master bedroom and hallway

Shower/toilet room

Laundry room (i love that it's upstairs so I don't have to haul laundry up and down the stairs)

3rd bedroom-Jake's office/guest room (still need a desk in there)

downstairs half bathroom

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