Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First furniture refinish!

I've been getting really inspired on Pinterest lately with all of the DIY things you can do at home, especially with furniture. Since we've been in college for our whole marriage most of our furniture is comprised of cheap laminate put-it-together-yourself type. Which I'm okay with because for the most part it still looks decent. I've always seen more quality furniture at thrift stores but it always looks super old and gross, or even broken. But, with Pinterest anything is possible right? I picked up this cute little solid wood side table on the Rexburg Garage Sale Facebook page for only $25. Awesome deal! I bought it with the intention of refinishing/painting it because the color just doesn't go with our decor. So with a little help from Pinterest I completed the job and loved it! I've now realized how much I love refinishing furniture, so I've taken it on as my new hobby. Excited for all the possibilities to come and to furnish our house with such a custom look! 

Here's how the table looked when I bought it. Not crazy about the color, but beautiful shape and was in pretty good condition. I first primed it with two coats of oil based primer so that it would stick, because I didn't do any sanding. Then I painted it with two coats of paint, mustard color to be exact :) Lastly I did one coat of polyacrylic clear coat to seal it all and give it that nice smooth shine. Oh and added some new hardware to the drawer to make it look a bit more modern.

Here's the end result. I LOVE how it turned out! Matches our living room so well and really brightens it up!

So in love with my little mustard table <3

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  1. That looks amazing! You are so talented! Way to go!